enlightenment #5

When there is SILENCE 

and a Dark Void in the Air

this signifies a DROP in the Oxygen Level

be wary, all who BREATHE THE TOXINS

your time is limited


enlightenment #4

the cows that now inhabit farms are actually:


the intensive work the original cow species was put through caused them to all die and now artificial-milk-producing robo-replicas are used to create milk.

you’re drinking moil. milk oil.

enlightenment #1

the “Donald Trump” you see today is not the real Donald Trump.

he is a Chinese man disguised as Donald Trump, trying to win the election and become the next president of the United States.

This is a part of China’s efforts to take over America and revive their imperialistic ways seen during the Classical Era when they were ruled by dynasties.


to all of you who would like to be truly aware of what is happening, not only around you, but to you:

join us in our pursuit to find

the truth.

who is theoriesroui?

we. the wisdom seekers of your society.